Yes, I bought the Slipper Genie. So what?

Husband has a thing for As Seen on TV products. It’s seriously cute. As soon as he sees an infomercial for miracle products like the ShamWow or Mighty Putty, it goes on his wish list. This is very helpful at Christmastime. I always make a stop at the As Seen on TV store to pick up a gift (or three) for Husband. Unfortunately, I, too, am a sucker for the slick marketing of ASOTV products, and I usually walk out of the store with an impulse buy (or three). This year, it was the Slipper Genie. “Slip em on and they’ll do the cleaning for you!” Well you can’t beat that. Into the shopping cart they go.

Today, I busted out my Slipper Genie to give them a whirl. Look at that price!!!

Slipper Genie


Let’s give them a spin, shall we?

Did I intentionally match my socks to my Slipper Genies? Why yes, I’m such a fashionista!

The verdict: They are comfortable to wear, though of course it feels like you’re walking on a thick shag carpet. I was hoping to take them off at the end of the day and find them all black and nasty from wiping the floors all day, but they were not at all. I’m going to wear them for a week and see how gross they get. Part of me wants them to get gross so I feel like I’m housekeeping just by walking around. Another part of me wants them to not get gross, so I can convince myself that my floors are actually spic-and-span.

Before I leave you, I just have to share my snack from today because it was outrageously good. A deep chocolate Vitatop with peanut butter, and a ridonkulously juicy pear:



Do you like As Seen on TV products? What is your favorite?

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15 Responses to Yes, I bought the Slipper Genie. So what?

  1. Cherry Lane says:

    I have no comments on the slipper genie, but wanted to tell you: you inspired me to make oatmeal for breakfast today. I topped mine with apricot preserves, because it's what I had.

  2. Biz says:

    Okay, promise to show them if they turn out really gross?!

    My husband loves his snugglie – and I think I am going to get my daughter a pair of pajama jeans for her birthday – I have been known to wear pajamas to the grocery store, so maybe I'll be getting a pair too! 😀

  3. bahahaha! I would want to see them gross too! I can't wait to hear the verdict after 1 week of shuffling about! <3

    they look pretty flipping fun! Have a great weekend! ❤

  4. Melissa Roby says:

    Thanks for reading my blog….I have read Eat, Pray, Love…'s good!…I think that the Slipper Genies sound genius!!! I bought the Leg Magic Fitness Machine when it first came out…I begged my husband to get it for me after having my son… was soooo freakin hard to do, but totally worked….I should really get back on that thing! HA!

  5. merf says:

    Inspired by *me*??? Wow! I hope you enjoyed them!

  6. merf says:

    That is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. “Make your children work for their keep” Bwahahahah!!!

  7. merf says:

    I'm totally gonna show them when they get good and nasty. Scare off all my readers. 😉

    Pajama jeans are calling my name.

  8. So jealous of that Vitatop! I'm all out 😦 I've never thought about PB on it… I think that would make it even better!

  9. merf says:

    You turned me on to Vitatops, which is funny b/c we already had them in the freezer. Husband had bought them. I also like the banana nut ones with cream cheese on top.

  10. merf says:

    They are getting there… Stay tuned! 🙂

  11. merf says:

    Home Goods? Love that place. 😀

  12. if you bought that stupid-ass thing, then i'm SO getting the Shoedini!

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