What I Ate Wednesday

Do you know what today is? WhaT I Ate WedNesdAy! My iPhone food photos aren’t going to be picked up by foodgawker any time soon, but hey, a party is a party. So, hop on over to Peas & Crayons and join in!

This was a pleasant surprise…

Discovering that my favorite breakfast cafe, First Watch, has a meatless version of eggs benedict.

Mmmm… spinach, avocado, and tomato. Delicious!

Question of the week:

Why do I eat so much at one sitting?  Why? Why? Why is it a requirement that after a meal, I feel like I ate the actual table in addition to my meal?

Today for lunch, I went to a lovely French bistro, and they had very little meatless options. I really didn’t want a salad, but in retrospect, that’s what I should have ordered. Instead, I had a grilled cheese with tomato. Gruyere. MMMMM. I am weak around cheese. Should stay away.

See this sandwich?

I wish you could see my plate when I was done. Pretty much empty. Embarassingly so. I can’t imagine how many calories were in that. Approximately eleventy hundred, I think.

My favorite breakfast this week…

My favorite breakfast this week was overnight oats. I tried them for the first time and, wow, I’m hooked already. No cooking. All the goodness of oats, yogurt, almond milk, chia seeds, and more! Creamy and cold and delicious. Unfortunately for overnight oats, they are, like me, extremely unphotogenic. Therefore, I will tell a white lie and say that this was my favorite breakfast this week.

Scrambled egg with avocado and a side of salsa (most people would have put the salsa on top of the eggs, but I have food mental issues. Some day I will tell you about them. The salsa has to go next to the food. That’s all there is to it). And a sliced Fuji apple that was perfectly juicy and a wonderful complement to the eggs. Oh, and a side of

The eggs were a nice break from my usual breakfast, Grape Nuts with vanilla almond milk.

Dinner tonight was chili lime tilapia and sweet potato fries.

And guess who liked it?

Oh yes, that’s right. My little guy not only had seconds, but he had THIRDS. I can’t figure him out at all. I was telling him recently that he needs to believe he will like something when he tries it, or it’s almost guaranteed that he won’t. I don’t know if that piece of baloney wisdom actually made a difference or what, but he’s been much more adventurous lately, and has really found a lot of things he likes. And most of it is fish, which works really well for me!

When I was putting J to bed tonight, he said, “I wish I could have more of that fish right now.” And I explained to him for the hundredth time that it was all gone! We each had a filet to ourselves. (It’s the first time in J’s life that Daddy has not gotten to eat what J leaves behind, poor Daddy!”) Anyway, I told J that I was glad he liked fish and I’d love to make him fish again soon, and you know what he said?

Is there any fish that you can cook with cinammon?

That kid.

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14 Responses to What I Ate Wednesday

  1. bahahahaha cinnamon rubbed grouper with maple syrup glaze and … i'm already creating it in my head =) will it be good? who the frick knows!

    Glad little J chowed down =) and OMG YOUR SANDWICH!!!!! that is seriously XXX rated. omg yum!

    even the grape nuts are pretty baller if I do say so myslef =)

    hahaha! love it!

  2. Christine says:

    The sandwich may be xxx rated, but I am going to be XXXL if I keep eating things like that in one sitting!

  3. ooooh Christine…. puhLEASE come over and make me some sweet potato fries. Please please please please please? That whole meal just looks delish!!
    Cat @ BudgetBlonde

  4. I'd cash in eleventy hundred cals for that sandwich, too! YUM and a half.

    I'd say the veggie benne (my FAVORITE kind!) would most definitely be my favorite breakfast of your week.

    so, HELLO!! I added you to my reader after the Dearest Kath said so many nice words about so many people the other day, and now look, I see you doing WIAW too! awesome!

    -Kristina (spabettie!)

  5. Mmmmm, that sandwich sounds SO good!! I have been craving a grilled cheese lately too! Now I must have one soon!

    I am actually eating overnight oats as I read this post, I never thought cold oats could be so delicious, but somehow they are!

    Hmmm, the cinnamon/fish thing has me intrigued now, it sounds like it could be really good on some kind of a mild white fish with some kind of a sweet breadcrumb crust, kind of like coconut shrimp! Coconut cinnamon tilapia sounds kind of good!

  6. lindsay says:

    nice job little guy. Asparagus and now fish, this is progress!

  7. WHATT ahh all your food looks good! im likin the breakfast! cinnamon!?!? haha love!

  8. ToddFromVA says:

    “Why do I eat so much at one sitting? Why? Why? Why is it a requirement that after a meal, I feel like I ate the actual table in addition to my meal?”

    If you figure out the answer to that question, please share it. I know that's my biggest fail with food; I tell myself I only need to feel “not hungry” instead of “full” but then I get all ZOMG It Tastes Sooo Good NOM NOM NOM.

    And then my pants don't fit anymore.

  9. Love this! And you are photogenic Miss! LOVE eggs, salsa – and especially cheese. I am addicted to Goat's Cheese – the hard and soft kinds – it's ridiculous.

    Ditto to the eating too much.

    J is too cute! Hmm…personally, I think cinnamon goes with everthing ;)…maybe not salmon though…;) Try a milder white fish? Something like sole maybe?

  10. Fish cooked with cinnamon? haha Your little guy might be on to something there! 😉 A meatless version of eggs Benedict sounds delicious – I'm going to request that next time I go out to breakfast!

  11. I want to do a somersault and face plant into that freaking sandwich! If I could do a somersault.

  12. i have to say, iphones do not take bad photos!! it's my dream to get a photo on foodgawker though, so i totally hear you :).

  13. In my opinion, eggs and spinach and / or tomatoes is one of the best food combos ever! 😀 I was delighted to see you had an apple with your eggs and salsa. I love apples with roasted chicken and just put that into the same category. 😉

    Yay your little one liked the fish! Looks very good indeed!

  14. Your food looks gooooooood. That cheese sandwich. Oh yes yum. Love that he loves the fish! It's always hit and miss with my kids on fish. Ryan also doesn't hate it when the kids don't like what we make. More for him! Haha.

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