The ABC’s of Kombucha

Good evening everyone! I’m taking the night off and handing the controls to the lovely and inspiring Lindsay Cotter from Cotter Crunch. Lindsay is here today to tell us all about kombucha. So, hello, Lindsay, take it away!


Well, Hello! I have to say, I was so honored when Christine asked me to write a guest post about Kombucha. You know why? That means I’ve finally been termed a “booch mamma!” haha. That, my friends, is name I will hold up high! 😀

So let’s get back to real purpose of this post, KOMBUCHA! Kombucha has been a HUGE life saver for me and for so many reasons (visit Cotter Crunch to read about my journey back to health with Kombucha). Needless to say, I am passionate about it! So I thought I’d share some of the ABC’s of Kombucha. Stick with me, k?

A. What is it? –  fermented tea, an ancient elixir consumed for thousands of years by civilizations all over the planet.

B. What are its benefits?Kombucha Kamp has a great article on the benefits of Kombucha. Here are just a few that I have noticed in my own consumption.

  • Probiotics – healthy bacteria
  • Alkalinize the body – balances internal pH
  • Detoxify the liver – happy liver = happy mood
  • Increase metabolism – rev your internal engine
  • Improve digestion – keep your system moving
  • Alleviate constipation
  • Boost energy – helps with chronic fatigue
  • Relieve headaches & migraines
  • Reduce kidney stones
  • High in antioxidants – destroy free-radicals that cause cancer
  • High in polyphenols
  • Heal excema – can be applied topically to soften the skin
  • Lower glucose levels – prevents spiking from eating

Want more?  Check out these studies and testimonials!

C. How? – It is recommended that you should start drinking 4-8oz of Kombucha on an empty stomach 2x a day followed by plenty of water to clear out all the toxins.  Once your body has adjusted to it (over an extended period of time), you can increase your intake.

Okay okay, now that you have an overwhelming amount of information. Let me tell you a little bit of how I use it and why.

You see, about 3 Years ago I was struggling with a lot of digestive issues from a gluten intolerance.  I had several tests done on me and lots of medicine prescribed, but honestly, it all just made me feel worse. I felt like my body was one big Petri dish! So I stopped taking the medicine and turned to kombucha. I had been drinking it on occasion before, but this time I decided to use it for more of a medical reason… a high dosage of probiotics! I actually ended up drinking 16-20 ounces a day for 3 months straight. Yes, this seems like a lot but my body was craving it and my gut was healing! I was no longer getting sick and I finally had my strength and energy back!

It was at that time that I decided to start making my own batches. I spoke with Hannah over at a lot and she guided me through the process. After a few weeks, I had my own brew!  I’ve got a tutorial up on my blog.  Super easy!

Like the bottles I used? Hehe.

Today I still buy GT Kombucha (because I love it so!) and I make my own. It’s kinda a win/win situation for me. I drink about 8 ounces mid morning and usually another 8-12 ounces in the afternoon. Again, my body has gotten used to this amount and that is where I see the most benefit.

My Newbie Tips:

  • It definitely takes an acquired taste, so be open minded.
  • Look for synergy flavors first. These have added natural juices to them, like cranberry or strawberry. It will help you get used to the taste. Even though I’ve ALWAYS loved the taste. I am weird like that though. 🙂
  • Drink 4onces at a time to begin. Maybe just try a little mid morning or afternoon. Sometime during the day where you usually need a little boost.
  • Give it time! Drink slowly and allow its natural detox benefits to nourish your body. Try it for a week before knockin’ it!
  • And finally, BE GENTLE! Kombucha needs care. It is carbonated do not shake the bottle and open slowly. I’ve had some dangerous explosions, and as much as I like Kombucha, my clothes do not.

I wanted to take this time to thank GT Kombucha as well. They are a great company and really honor their product.  James and I respect everyone we’ve spoken with at GT and will continue to diehard fans forever!

Alright, I’m off to go finish my last bottle. Better restock tomorrow! Feel free to email me with any questions. And thank you MERF for letting me blab away. Like I said, what an honor!

LC (aka Booch Mama)
Cottercrunch (at) hotmail (dot) com


Wow! How excited are you to try kombucha now??? When I asked Lindsay if she could help me better understand Kombucha, I knew she would deliver. She’s amazing!!!  Guess what else? I have in my hot little hands two coupons for a free GT Synergy Kombucha.

GT’s was kind enough to give these to me to pass on to one lucky reader. To win, do any of the following, and leave a separate comment for each. I’ll select a winner on Monday 5/9.

  • Visit the GT’s website and tell me which flavor you’d try and why.
  • Like GT’s on Facebook and leave some ❤ on their Wall.
  • Tweet about this post/giveaway: “Learn all about kombucha from @LCCotter and @merfinprogress and win some free booch @”
  • Follow @merfinprogress on Twitter! (and while you’re at it, follow @LCCotter and @GTsKombucha too!)

We’ll resume regular programming tomorrow when I tell you about my amazing lunch from today. Seriously. Amazing. ❤

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74 Responses to The ABC’s of Kombucha

  1. Jenni Sevenich says:

    I liked GT on Facebook as well!

  2. Grace says:

    Gingerade is my all time favorite….always hits the spot!!

  3. Christine says:

    I’m so intrigued by the Gingerade!

  4. Hi, Christine! I’m new to the blog, and found you through Lindsay! I love what I see so far, though:). I am really intrigued by Kombucha, now! I would love to try it! I think I would start with the Synergy Cosmic Cranberry, because it sounds great and I love Cranberry juice:).

  5. Liked them on Facebook and commented on their wall:)

  6. Tweeted the contest on the twitter:)

  7. Aaaand I followed you and GT:) Thanks!:)

  8. Hannah says:

    I don’t think Kombucha even exists in Australia! Then again, hemp seeds are illegal as food here, so I probably shouldn’t be surprised…

  9. Ana says:

    Oh my, awesome giveaway, I love Kombucha!!!
    I would try the Mango flavor because I love mango and I havent tried that flavornof Kombucha yet.
    My favorite flavor I have tried is the synergy tilogy, soooo good!

  10. Ana says:

    I already like GT on facebook and left a comment there about my love for their amazingly delicious Trilogy flavor!

  11. Ana says:

    I tweeted the giveaway!! @KitchenspaceAna

  12. Ana says:

    I follow @merfinprogress, @LCCotter and @GTsKombucha too!
    @ KitchenspaceAna

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  14. Kim K says:

    crap, i’m probably too late!!! botanic #3 sounds amazing.

  15. Melissa says:

    I think i’d try the Gingerberry

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