Don’t Be Cruel 1: Sprout Wellness

Last month, I was disappointed to discover that my Aveeno “Naturals” products were actually tested on animals. Following that discovery, I promised to introduce you to some cruelty-free products to help you revamp your beauty routine. I’m excited today to have my first installment of “Don’t Be Cruel”. Up first is Brooklyn, New York-based Sprout Wellness.

Sprout is just about as natural and safe as you can get. Their products are handmade, and they use organic ingredients that you probably have in your cabinets right now. Shea butter, rosewater, tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, sea salt…  Sound familiar?

First up is the Cleanser. Ingredients: rosewater, vegetable glycerin, tea tree oil.


If you’re a fan of rosewater, get yourself some of this cleanser. The smell is divine. Oh, and if you’re like me and wondering how you’re supposed to clean your face with a product that is the consistency of water, it turns out you just need to put it on a cotton ball and swipe your face. Then rinse your face with water, and your skin will feel fresh and clean.

Next up, Toner. Ingredients: raw apple cider vinegar, pure witch hazel, essential oils of sandalwood and clary sage.

Look at that. Apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, and essential oils. It doesn’t get more real than that. Raw organic apple cider vinegar has the “mother” of the vinegar still in it. That’s where the living nutrients and bacteria are. (If you’re a kombucha drinker, you know what I’m talking about.) It is anti-bacterial and alkaline, clearing blemishes and restoring proper pH to your skin. And witch hazel is one of the most effective astringents in the world. I’ve used plain witch hazel for years, but am loving the way my skin feels after using this Sprout toner. I’m hooked!

I also tried the Exfoliant. Ingredients: dead sea salt, oat flour, almond meal.

I loved this product. I like an exfoliant that I can feel scrubbing my skin, but not one that tears it apart either. This exfoliant is the perfect texture. Gentle, but with enough scrubby to make me feel like it really did something. And look, three ingredients. Awesome.

Now for one of my favorite products, the cream. Ingredients: Wildcrafted, unrefined shea butter, extra virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil.


This stuff is out of this world. I know many of my readers are fans of coconut oil already, and we know what a miracle worker it is. And shea butter is such a powerful moisturizer. The texture of this product is so creamy, absolutely luxurious. I have a history of acne, and this cream didn’t make my skin feel oily at all. This may be exactly what I need for my alligator legs, too.

I have fallen in love with Sprout Wellness. The products have only three or four ingredients, and they make my skin feel absolutely incredible. Their shea butter is from a woman’s collective in Africa and is certified fair trade. On their website, they list exactly where they get their ingredients. They just updated their packaging to be more eco-friendly, too! The glass is recycled, the cork is sustainable, and the seal is made from vegan wax, paper tags, and no plastic!

What’s not to love?

And being the generous people that they are, Sprout is willing to share some of the love with one of my readers in a GIVEAWAY!!! One lucky reader has the chance to win a cleanser, toner, mini cream, and face exfoliant. Here’s what you need to do.

Mandatory entry: Visit the Sprout Wellness site and let me know something awesome you learned about the company or their products.

Additional opporutnities to win. Leave a separate comment for each:

  1. Follow @SproutWellness on Twitter
  2. Like Sprout on Facebook
  3. Tweet this giveaway: “GIVEAWAY! Cruelty-free beauty products from @sproutwellness on @merfinprogress”

Good luck! The winner will be announced Monday 5/30.



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60 Responses to Don’t Be Cruel 1: Sprout Wellness

  1. I learned that my current skincare products have wayyyy too many (potentially harmful) ingredients 😦 and that my face NEEDS Sprout!

  2. Follow Sprout on Twitter …

  3. And finally, tweeted about your giveaway! (which is awesome, thank you)

  4. and I tweet tweet tweeted! ❤

  5. Shannon C. says:

    Following @SproutWellness on Twitter!

  6. Shannon C. says:

    Was already a Facebook fan 🙂

  7. Shannon C. says:

    Tweeted: GIVEAWAY! Cruelty-free beauty products from @sproutwellness on @merfinprogress

  8. Shannon C. says:

    And finally:

    I have learned that simple packaging and simple ingredients make products more lust-worthy than fancy names, shiny packaging and promises of extraordinary feats. The only way to see results through topical products is to also take care of yourself internally as well, and luckily, if I get hungry, a nibble of these products won’t hurt (kidding… sort of).

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