I Ran For Twenty Minutes Straight!

Look at my beautiful feet.

Yesterday, I didn’t want to run again but I didn’t have time to hit the gym, so I figured it was as good a time as any to buy new running shoes!!! I’ve been wanting some new sneaks, since the ones I was wearing were a wee bit too small. Plus, my foot pronates and my current sneaks didn’t have any extra support (hey, they were cheap). So during my lunch break, I hauled ass to Pacers. I knew almost exactly what I wanted, so it didn’t take long. Twenty minutes later, I walked out in this beauties.

Brooks Adrenaline.

I’ve never owned a pair of Brooks. Just wearing these bad boys makes me think I can run a marathon 5k. And you know what? That may actually be closer to the truth than I even realized…

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen this today:

Oh yeah, baby, twenty minutes in a row, woo hooooo!!

The Couch to 5k program — which you may have noticed I’ve resurrected now that I’m in a bit better shape — is testing my limits! Week four had intervals of 3 or 5 minutes of running separated by shorter walks. It was challenging — the first time I’d run 5 minutes in a row — but I did it and was confident enough to move on to week five of the program. Week 5 threw me for a loop. It started at five minute running intervals, jumped to eight minute intervals, and then today it suddenly wanted me to run for twenty straight minutes!!!

Honestly, I didn’t think I could do it today. Just the other day I increased my running time from five minutes to eight, and twenty seemed out of reach. But, I told myself that even if I couldn’t run twenty minutes, I was going to run as long as I could before walking. I knew from running on Wednesday that I could run eight minutes, and there was no way I was stopping before the eight minute mark.

So I hopped on the treadmill, and the next thing I knew, I had hit that eight minute mark, and I was feeling great. When the timer hit eleven minutes, I suddenly thought to myself “Merf,” (you see, I call myself Merf) “You gotta do this, girl. You’ve already run eleven. Only nine more!”  My heart rate was holding steady at just under 180.

By the time I hit thirteen minutes, my attitude had changed. Heart rate had climbed to just above 180 and I couldn’t get it back under. I lowered my speed from 4.9 to 4.7. I was still telling myself, no way are you quitting now!

At sixteen minutes, I was feeling kind of crummy. Heart rate was still about 183. I started really working on my stride to try to use as little energy as possible without lowering my speed from 4.7.

At eighteen minutes, I knew I could do it, no doubt in my mind. I just needed a song to get me through. I scrolled through itunes for “Fergalicious”, lifted my head, straightened my spine, pumped my arms, and sailed on through, until I saw this:

Average HR 169, whoa!

My pace was 12:25. My previous fastest pace was 13:42 last week. I’m not actually getting any faster, but my pace increases simply by walking less.

If you feel like patting me on the back, please, go ahead. Three months ago, I could barely run for ninety seconds. Today I ran twenty minutes. My dream of running a 5k may not be as far off as I imagined!!!

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42 Responses to I Ran For Twenty Minutes Straight!

  1. lindsay says:

    oh I love those pearly whites….the shoes that is. hehe. AWESOME job on that run. Keep it up woman!

  2. That is amazing, great job!!

  3. yay for you!! That's so great! I'm definitely not a runner – but every once in awhile, I go out for a run at night. Last night, I went out and ran almost 3 miles. In bloggy land, 3 miles is barely a warm-up. I'm aware of this. But in Lindsay-land, it's amazing!! I remember in elementary school, I couldn't even run one mile for the fitness test – I pretty much had to walk the whole thing. And I could have run more. My heart rate was fine, but my legs were tired. I hate running – I really do – but I LOVE the way I feel afterwards because it is such an accomplishment for me. So I'm proud of you! I know how hard it is and you're working towards a goal. Keep going – it's within your reach!! 🙂

  4. holy crap that's awesome! 20 minutes is a great achievement! and i love that you didnt give up.

  5. YAY! Go you! If you can run for 20 minutes, that 5k is not far off at all 🙂 I feel so proud of you right now!

  6. Way to go! It's such a proud feeling when you run farther than you start out to run! I am itching to start running again. But I've gotta start mega slow so I don't throw out my back again. Stinkin' backs!

  7. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY! 😀 😀 😀 Congrats! You're awesome! 😀

  8. Allison says:

    YES!!! Soon you will be running marathons in no time. Now you will see that it is going to be harder to stop running until you hit that 20min marker!

  9. GIRL! That is awesome! 🙂

  10. I am totally patting you on the back.. that is AWESOME… you so got that 5k in the bag.. soon!

  11. Allie says:

    MERF! WOOOOO! So proud of you and happy for you 😀
    Way to go! LOVE the new shoes too.. have a great weekend 🙂

  12. Jeannie says:

    Awesome job! Sounds like you are making some great progress. It is amazing what our bodies are capable of doing if we just try to push ourselves a little more and believe we can. 🙂

  13. HUGE pat on the back!!!! That week 5 jump is the hardest and you pushed through. Way to go!

  14. Yay!! Congratulations!! So happy for you! And it can only get better from here! 🙂

  15. Grace says:

    We have the same shoes!!!! I love them:) I have inserts in mine too though since I have such crazy high arches that collapse really badly:(

  16. SO excited for you!! I know the feeling well – I was up to almost 30 (slow…) minutes after so so long struggling (post injury). I've gotten out of the running habit in the last 2 months, only here and there, and I am missing it.

    Your excitement and energy has motivated me, friend! I'm GOING TO RUN today! XO

  17. Congrats!!! I'm excited how well the program is working for you! I recommend it to all my friends who are picking up running…

  18. Woo hoo, you rock, lady!! You WILL be doing that 5k before you know it! I love the new shoes:)

  19. […] Merf In Progress Trying to be the best me that I can be. Skip to content HomeAbout MerfEatRead ← I Ran For Twenty Minutes Straight! […]

  20. Lauren says:

    You rock! A 5K is definitely possible, and it's awesome that your pace and distance is improving.

  21. Christine says:

    I still can't even imagine running 3 miles! Someday. Oh yes, someday. 🙂

  22. Christine says:

    I'm going to!!!

  23. Christine says:

    Thanks, Jess!

  24. Christine says:

    Thanks, Kath! Are you still running a bit?

  25. Christine says:

    Thank you! Coming from a runner like you, I start to believe it!

  26. Christine says:

    Oh no. Did you throw out your back running? That sounds horrible.

  27. Christine says:

    Thanks, Lisa! It does feel great. I can't wait to do it again.

  28. Christine says:

    thanks, Allie. And wow, good job on your ridiculous 5k time!!!

  29. Christine says:

    Thanks! I need the encouragement 🙂

  30. Christine says:


  31. Christine says:

    You know what? I think you're right! I'm not there yet with the 20 minute marker, but I'm definitely there with the 8 minute marker, and I only hit 8 minutes last week!

  32. Christine says:

    Thanks, Sophia! 😀

  33. Christine says:

    Ahhh thank you Tina!!! One of these days I'll start having to use the term “long run”. Hahahah.

  34. Christine says:

    Really, it is, it surprises me!

  35. Christine says:

    I don't care how slow I am, if I can run 30 minutes straight I will be so happy!!! Then I can just try to get faster from there. I can't believe I actually motivated someone. Did you go running?

  36. Christine says:

    Oh wow, I didn't know the collapsing could be due to high arches. The shoes are so awesome though. I have never loved a new pair of shoes this much!

  37. Christine says:

    Thanks Erin! I hope that's true!

  38. Christine says:

    I gave up on it in week 3 or 4 (can't remember) because I was not in good enough shape for it. But after 1-2 months of jogging at my own pace to build up my endurance, I picked it back up and it's going MUCH better. (advice for any of those friends who feel like C25k kicks their butt at first!)

  39. Christine says:

    Thanks Lauren! My running pace isn't really improving so any “faster pace” really just means I'm running more and walking less, but I love seeing it!!!

  40. CONGRATULATIONS!!! big pat on the back from me 🙂 that is awesome!

  41. Yeah I was pushing myself a little further than I probably should have and just took a wrong step. I'm still building up the mental courage to try again!

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