Hey peeps! I haven’t been blogging much. Wanna know why? Well, aside from spending way too much time at night playing on my iPad, watching TV, and working… The truth is, I’ve been
paralyzed by perfectionism once again.

I don’t have time to write as good a post as I want.

I don’t have any pictures to post and people like pictures.


Perfectionism is such a monster.

So here I am. I’m on my iPad which means I have no formatting options. I have no pictures to post. Just me and my thoughts. If I don’t start posting regularly, even short posts with no pictures, I may end up forgetting that I’m a blogger… And then, I may stop being a blogger… Boo.


Last Thursday was my baby K-Dub’s first birthday. Think I’ll dedicate a post to that later this week.

Last Thursday and Friday, the kids’ daycare was closed for teacher workdays, so with Monday being Labor Day, it was a five-day weekend for us. Friday we went to my in-laws’ house and stayed there for two nights. J-Man LOVES getting to spend the night at his grandparents’ house. On Saturday, my parents came out to join us and we celebrated K-Dub’s birthday. To my surprise, he didn’t eat his cupcake. First he wiped all the frosting off, then he broke it in half, then proceeded to smash it to smithereens in about five seconds. It was sort-of anticlimactic, hehe.

On Sunday, we headed back to our house. J-Man and Dad went to the Nationals game and K-Dub and I stayed home to get ready for evening guests. Our friends came over with their two kids and we grilled and ate outside. The kids had a blast on the play set and playing baseball in the yard. It’s so cool to have friends over and watch the kids hang out together. Let’s the grownups enjoy some time together too!

On Monday, we hosted a crab feast at our house. We had ten adults, one kid, and four infants. SO FUN!!! If you’ve never picked Chesapeake blue crab before, you’re missing out. It’s such a great time. J-Man loves the crab meat but he can’t pick it, so it’s more work for me, lol.

Which brings me to today. Let’s see, did anything interesting happen today? Hmm…

Ah yes! J-Man started kindergarten!!!

He was so excited. He chose to wear the Star Wars shirt our friends made him for his birthday. I took pictures this morning, and he insisted in doing baseball poses in all of them. In one, he’s pretending to bat. In another, pretending to catch a ball over a low wall. One day I will look back and remember this as the time when his love for baseball was just beginning. πŸ™‚

When I picked him up from after-school care today, he told me all about his day as he ate a HUGE dinner because apparently what he picked for lunch wasn’t awesome and the broccoli had stems. So for lunch he had chocolate milk and applesauce. Awesome.

So. I did it. I wrote a post. No formatting. No photos. Not even any wit or humor. But I am posting, and hoping if I just keep posting it will get the juices flowing again.

See you tomorrow for What I Ate Wednesday!

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3 Responses to Kindergarten!

  1. aw! I cannot even imagine the range of emotions that go with the first day of kindergarten!! πŸ˜€

    congrats J-Man, and EXCELLENT choice on first day outfit!!

  2. Hannah says:

    Anything you write is perfect, my dear. And your wit is always witty, even when it’s hiding wit πŸ˜€

  3. Allie says:

    This post sounds so happy πŸ™‚ I think it is perfect- pictures or no pictures I love your blog!

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