San Francisco and Vegan Deliciousness

Last week, I was on business travel in San Francisco. I love traveling out there, even though I don’t get nearly enough time to enjoy the city. I have certain things I need to do while I’m out there, such as eat dim sum and get a coffee (or, at least two a day) at Blue Bottle.

My co-worker Mel and I are slightly obsessed with Blue Bottle. We arrive at the conference and immediately start scouring the agenda for gaps where we can escape for an hour. I am so impressed with us, we managed to get there three times last week and also introduced two people to Blue Bottle. Success!!!  

As for dim sum, I went to Tian Sing for the third time. It’s not the very best, but it’s quite good and only a few blocks from the hotel. With pictures like this on the menu, I decided to stick to the pescatarian options.

The “salt and pepper tofu” was absolutely outstanding, as were the various dumplings. Oh, and the chinese broccoli. I couldn’t stop eating this stuff:

My other excitement in San Francisco was shopping. Unfortunately, no, I don’t mean that I hit up the trendy shops in Haight Ashbury. No, no, I went around the corner from the hotel and shopped at Old Navy and Banana Republic. In good news, I unexpectedly dropped a pants size. So I got me some skinny jeans. Boom shakalaka.

Back home, it’s time to get back to basics — eat well and exercise. Starting with what goes in, we hit up the grocery store today. The biggest thing is, I need to bring good eats to the office for lunch. No more spending extravagant amounts of money on crappy fast food. So tonight, I put on my inner chef’s hat and slaved over threw together two beautiful vegan meals — Angela’s Butternut Squash Mac ‘n’ Cheeze and Mama Pea’s Teriyaki Tofu. For dinner I had a little of each, and I couldn’t believe how delicious they were. The mac ‘n’ cheeze was surprisingly cheesy tasting. It definitely had the comfort food cheese factor. The teriyaki tofu was also delicious, and I felt all Martha Stewarty making my own teriyaki sauce.

So back to life, back to reality. Back to the gym.

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10 Responses to San Francisco and Vegan Deliciousness

  1. Hannah says:

    You could say you’ve introduced me to Blue Bottle too! 😛 I hope to get back to San Fran next time I’m in the States; I didn’t fall in love the way I expected the first time, so clearly need to return! 😛

  2. Alyse says:

    Mmm Blue Bottle is the best! I also love Philz, and Four Barrel… really, there’s no shortage of good coffee in SF 🙂

  3. Yeeeaaaahhh skinny jeans! I’m searching for a new pair because I think I finally am willing to attempt them with heels/flats. The pair I currently have are too long and bunch at the bottom, so I can only cleverly disguise this issue with boots…

    • I think skinny jeans look super cute with flats. I have a pair of silver DKNY Sport flats that look so awesome with skinnies. But yeah, you need ankle length. I buy mine at Land’s End because I can choose the inseam.

  4. Holy crap that picture on the menu scares me as well. And congrats on the change in pant size =) !!

  5. I’ve been to San Francisco once 15 years ago, and I loved it so much that I cried when we left! I wanto to go back! And join in for a coffee at Blue Bottle or a dim sum evening! 😀

  6. Wait, did you tell us how your juice cleanse ended? I could never do that. Crazy talk.

    I adore San Fran, but I’ve only done the “traditional” shopping, not Chinatown or any of the other “local” shops. I definitely need to schedule a trip back there!

  7. missymiller says:

    is it just me or is broccolli somehow ALWAYS better in a chinese/asian restaurant. i mean….what gives? do they coat it in special endorphins or something?

    don’t get me wrong — my broccolli at home tastes awesome but still…there really is nothing like some great steamed brocc from an asian restaurant.

    or its just me.

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