Sunday’s Eats (Slow Cooker Chicken)

Okay, there is no doubt about it. Meal planning makes life easier, less stressful, and more delicious! On Saturday, I posted about my detoxifying Restart Salad, Black Bean, Sweet Potato, and Red Quinoa Soup, and Overnight Oats. Sunday mroning, I enjoyed the overnight oats for a second time. I didn’t realize when making them that it was a double portion, so I had a lot left over! I enjoyed them exactly the same way, with a splash of almond milk, berries, and walnuts.

Yes, I took this picture on the floor. 🙂

After breakfast, I got to work making KERF’s Beer & Bone Suckin’ Chicken with Sweet Potatoes, Parsnips and Mushrooms. I love slow cooker meals, because you don’t have to actually COOK many things, but the chopping took me longer than I expected. I began by chopping up two sweet potatoes, five carrots, and ten crimini mushrooms. I put that in the crock pot then topped with two large chicken breasts.

Then pour a bottle of dark beer over it. I went with Guinness, which is probably too dark, but I didn’t have many options on hand.
 Pour on your Bone Suckin’ Sauce…
Bone suckin’ sauce ingredients: Tomato Paste, Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey, Molasses, Mustard, Horseradish, Lemon Juice, Onions, Garlic, Peppers, Natural Hickory Smoke Flavor, Natural Spices, Salt & Xanthan Gum
Top it with the paprika, thyme, and rosemary…
Pour in the broth or water. I used water but would have used broth if I’d read the recipe more carefully. Cover your slow cooker and set on low for 8 hours.
Tick tock…

When it’s all cooked, just pull the chicken with two forks until it looks like this. Mine is kind of soupy. I’d use less water/broth next time.

I had mine in a bowl topped with grape tomatoes.

This was delicious. Sweeter than I expected. If it hadn’t been as soupy, it would have tasted great in a wrap!
For lunch I had pizza, but I was good and had only one slice, followed by a green smoothie! I made the “Back on Track Green Monster” recipe from Oh She Glows again. And this time I remembered to take a picture! 
I asked my son to get me a straw and that’s what he brought me!
Enjoyed in one of my Guinness glasses, photographed in front of my bone suckin’ chicken in the slow cooker. Am I a food photographer or WHAT? (ignoring all the shadows and glares, that is…)
So that was Sunday, in all its deliciousness. I was too tired to write about it Sunday night, so Monday’s post will be coming up right after this.  🙂
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3 Responses to Sunday’s Eats (Slow Cooker Chicken)

  1. allieksmith says:

    Mmm can I come over for dinner?! That chicken looks delish! And I am totally guilty of taking food pictures on the floor as well :p

  2. Christine says:

    I did it again today. 🙂

  3. Missy says:

    Actually I was legit going to comment on how great your pics look!
    I'm quite jealous.
    You made raw chicken look good!

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