Weekend @ Jacksonville Beach

I just got back from the most wonderful weekend in Florida. My brother’s family relocated to Jacksonville Beach last summer, and we hadn’t been down there to visit them yet. Well, my dad’s 70th birthday is this week, and he thought it would be nice for us all to get together down there. What a great idea! My aunt and uncle were there, who I hadn’t seen in several years, plus I hadn’t seen my brother’s family in three years (!!!). We had such an incredible time. His kids are 5 and 7 and mine are 2 and 6, and the kids had so much fun playing together. The water was too cold for swimming, but the kids had fun playing in the sand and splashing on the shore. I didn’t get to play with them in the sand because I’m totally allergic to the beach. Not sure what it is — Sand? Sun? But every time I go to the beach, I get a horrendous rash on my feet. I seem to have made it through the weekend unscathed, despite briefly walking in the sand while taking some family pictures. I immediately went back to the room, changed my clothes, and scrubbed my feet. It’s that bad.

We stayed at the Quality Suites Oceanfront, and had balcony rooms overlooking the ocean.

It was so awesome to open the balcony door and listen to the sound of the waves. Plus, it’s a great place to watch the sun rise!

I need to do a better job of keeping in touch with my family. My brother and his wife don’t email much, so I really have to call them. Fortunately, my brother is on Facebook, so I do get little glimpses into what he’s up to. We have one of those relationships where we don’t have to talk, write, see each other, etc. for a year or more, and when we do, it’s like not five minutes has gone by. I feel very lucky to have that kind of relationship with my brother. But I still should try to see him more, especially since the kids deserve to see each other and be close to their cousins. New Years Resolution #2 – Nurture My Relationships — Check!!!

Do you have a good relationship with your siblings? Do you travel a lot to see them if they are far away? 

Have any interesting trips planned???

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2 Responses to Weekend @ Jacksonville Beach

  1. Sounds like a fun trip!

    My siblings live relatively close, so we see each other a few times per month, I would still love to take a trip with them one day.

    I have a trip to Shanghai that I am really looking forward to in March!

  2. This is something I've always missed – more family than my parents. I'm an only child, my dad is too, and my mom's brother used to live at the other end of Germany and has died a couple of years ago. So, no visiting-the-family. Boo. But my parents used to spend part of the summer holidays with their friends who also had kids of about my age, and I always enjoyed that a lot.

    I hope you are having a wonderful time!

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