quarterly goals

Last quarter, I made a list of goals for myself based on a format from professional organizer Alejandra (who I just adore). Then of course I promptly forgot about it. I went back and looked at it the other day and was pleased that I did pretty well (I must have had the goals in my mind) but there are some things I could have and would have done if I’d held myself accountable.

This quarter I’m doing it again, but it’s now on my GTD weekly review to check myself against my goals each week. My goals are broken into different categories, which seem to be working for me right now, but I might try to simplify them next time around, maybe using Stephen Covey’s “sharpen the saw” categories.


  •  Take a day trip to DC with older son 
  • Take kids to weekend programs more regularly (Smithsonian, National Gallery of Art, kids shows in the park)


  • Have dinner with my friend April 
  • Host book club for Cutting for Stone
  • Catch up with three people via email, phone, Facebook, letter, etc. 
  • Have a 4th of July party 


  • Transfer old 401(k) 
  • No impulse purchases (track Impulse Purchases Desires in Evernote) 


  • Finish organizing office 
  • File all papers 
  • Clear piles on floor 
  • Keep guest bed clear 


  • Read about spirituality 
  • Write about what it means to be spiritual 

Personal Development: 

  • Keep up with GTD for month of July 
  • Write in blog weekly 


  • Go to gym one night a week 
  • Run 2x a week 
  • Do yoga one morning a week 


  • Go to a Nats game 


  • Donate to Goodwill 
  • Donate baby items 

It seems like a lot, doesn’t it? But it’s really only a couple of things in each category, and most of them are easy to accomplish with a little bit of planning. I’m hoping this will keep me focused so that in September, I don’t find myself saying “Where did the summer go?”

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