simplify {my inbox}

Who here gets too much email? *pick me* *pick me*!!! I’m totally loving Gmail’s new interface where they put your offers/ads/coupons in a separate tab in your inbox for Promotions. It’s super. But it’s less super when you get 5 new ones each hour, and if you’re anything like me, you are forced by the powers of nature that control you to look at that tab every single time it shows a new message. It’s so distracting and creates extra mind clutter and anxiety.

I get a lot of promotional mail. Most of it I actually signed up for, and I subscribe to them for a few different reasons:

  • when i want to shop, there may be a good coupon
  • eye candy (decorating ideas, beautiful clothes, etc.)
  • if I don’t subscribe, I might miss out on something awesome
Let’s go through those one by one. First, I shop too much. I shop online and then don’t like how things look or fit when I get them.  I am on a shopping hiatus anyway, so it’s counter-productive to be constantly looking at things I could buy. Second, eye candy is nice but can be found in other places like magazines and blogs. Last, I won’t miss anything awesome. With facebook and blogs, I get all the awesome I need.
So I finally decided that this was a great opportunity for me to simplify, to come to terms with the fact that I don’t need all this information shoved at me all day every day, that my mind will be more free and clear if I remove this clutter from my inbox, Promotions tab or no Promotions tab. 
I went through the emails one by one and unsubscribed from some and kept others. Here is what I unsubscribed from. Wow!

A.C. Moore
Allrecipes Daily Dish
Amazon Kindle Daily Deals
Amazon Local Deal of the Day
AMF Bowling Centers
Banana Republic
Banana Republic Factory Store
Better Homes & Gardens daily inspiration
Better Homes & Gardens weekly garden notes
CBS Sports
Choice Hotels
Chuck E. Cheese’s
Constant Contact
CVS Pharmacy
Delta SkyMiles Promotions
Dr. Weil’s Daily Tip
Dr. Weil’s Vitamin Advisor Monthly
Duke Alumni Association newsletter
Duke Annual Fund
Gap Outlet
Hadeed carpet cleaning
J Crew Factory
Joss & Main
Lands’ End Canvas
Martha Stewart Living
Mileage Plus Shopping
MOM’s Organic Market
National Gallery of Art Film Programs
Real Simple Daily Recipe
realtor email
Rockin’ Green Soap
Suntrust Mortgage
University of Virginia newsletters
Wegmans Wine

That’s 46 emails I unsubbed from!

And here’s what I kept (at least, for now) and the reason:

Allrecipes healthy bites – always looking for healthy recipes, read quickly and Pin what looks good
Allrecipes slow cooker – need to use my slow cooker more this summer
Allrecipes weekly newsletter – might unsub from this one
Amazon emails – a few different ones – probably will unsub from more of these as they come in
American Disposal Services – monthly newsletter with important updates about service
Amy Myers, MD – really interesting functional medicine newsletter
BHG weekly decorating newsletter – eye candy
BHG Weekly Update – eye candy
Clinique – eye candy
college alumni newsletter – great articles
Cooking Light – healthy recipes
East Side Produce – will unsub from this soon I think
Hallmark E-cards reminders – i like sending e-cards at the holidays
Lands’ End – great clothes and excellent coupons sometimes even 40% off
Let’s Dish! – monthly deals
Merrifield Garden Center – monthly gardening tips
Mosaic District newsletter – events for family
National Gallery of Art- events for family
National Gallery of Art Family – events for family
National Geographic – eye candy
Netflix – I like hearing what movies are available
Old Navy – great coupons, clothes for whole family
public library newsletter – duh
Smithsonian Theaters – IMAX movie updates
Staples Rewards – cold hard cash, baby
Starwood Preferred Guest statement – probably don’t need to get this
The Fresh 20 – good recipes
United MileagePlus statement – probably don’t need to get this
Wegmans – probably don’t need to get this

That’s 29 more newsletters that I’m not quite ready to separate with, but maybe someday I will trim down even more.

But wow, I can feel my mind settling already. Simplifying and decluttering is the best.

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4 Responses to simplify {my inbox}

  1. allieksmith says:

    It feels soo good to clear outt all of the junk subscriptions in my email! I usually do it every new year.

  2. Jenn says:

    I tip my hat to you lady. If I had that many promotional emails coming in every day, I'd just about lose my mind!

  3. Have you heard of UnrollMe? It's a program that puts all those promotion e-mails into ONE daily e-mail. (Because I'm the same way, I HAVE to check them haha). So you can get all your store/discount/sale/etc. e-mails all “rolled” into one e-mail!

  4. Christine says:

    I haven't heard of that one but I had something similar for a while called Swizzle but I didn't like its format. (Note: it's hard to summarize 50+ emails a day!) I'll look into UnrollMe – thanks for the suggestion!

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