Project 333 – A Minimalist Wardrobe

One of the items on my simplify plan is my wardrobe. There are a few reasons I need to simplify my wardrobe. First is that I have so many clothes that I don’t have a place to put everything, and this goes against my simplicity statement, “I want to have a place for everything and everything in its place.” Second is the absurd amount of money I spend on clothes that I don’t need and don’t end up wearing. Last is that simplifying the wardrobe makes getting ready and looking good easier.

Last week, I stumbled upon Project 333. Have you heard of it? The basic premise is that you have only 33 items in your wardrobe and that’s all you wear for a period of three months. You’re supposed to box up everything else (except workout clothes, underwear, pajamas, and in-home lounge wear). So everything you wear out of the house, that isn’t underneath, and isn’t for exercising, has to be counted.

I went through my wardrobe and picked out 33 items, and it was quite interesting to do so. I obviously found that I have way more than that, many things I will be sad not to wear for the rest of the summer. At the same time, however, I realize that I could wear those things again next summer, so it’s not like they are gone forever. I also found while searching blogs for Project 333 posts that many 333ers do not include accessories in their wardrobe count. Others also don’t include shoes. I have decided to include shoes but not accessories like scarves, jewelry, and belts. If I make it through Project 333 alive and decide to do it again, perhaps I will include them next time.

Here is my wardrobe for the next two-ish months (I plan to switch on October 1).

Old Navy skinny jeans
Old Navy bootcut jeans
Old Navy jeans shorts
Old Navy khaki shorts
Old Navy white shorts
Banana Republic gray chinos
Tan crops
Lands’ End blue crops

Old Navy black cardigan
Ann Taylor gray cardigan
Banana Republic blue cardigan
Lands’ End orange blazer
Old Navy pink cardigan

Black sandals
Ann Taylor silver sandals
Anne Klein platinum flats
Anne Klein pink flats
Walking shoes
Lands’ End chambray wedges

Lands’ End navy print dress
Lands’ End floral dress
Athleta dress
Lands’ End tan dress
Target black & white skirt

Ann Taylor green blouse
Old Navy ivory sequined tank
Old Navy red vintage tee
JCrew “clever” tee
Lands’ End white tee
Old Navy black tee
Lands’ End poppy tee
Black/Gray tank
Old Navy aqua blouse

I’ve been posting my selfies on Tumblr and will copy them here.

July 24: JCrew “clever” tee, Target black & white skirt, black sandals
July 25: Ann Taylor gray cardigan, Old Navy ivory sequined tank, Banana Republic gray chinos (not shown: Anne Klein platinum flats and my unwashed face)

July 26: Banana Republic blue cardigan, Athleta dress, Ann Taylor silver sandals

I’m pretty excited to try Project 333. I’m hoping it will help me to appreciate the clothes I have and also to help me avoid impulse shopping. (Why buy that cute shirt if I can’t wear it?)
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4 Responses to Project 333 – A Minimalist Wardrobe

  1. ohhh now this is my kind of project! and you look SUPER CUTE!

  2. That sounds like a great project! Love your outfits! 😀

  3. Missy says:

    Okay so I really want to do this… except maybe increase the number to where I only have ONLY 50 thinhs maybe? And I get rid of stuff as I add.

    Do you think it is doable?

  4. Missy, I highly recommend you do it. Seriously! Start with a small number of items. The 33 seems like a good start to me, if you're including shoes. Then add in more if you really feel like you need another shirt, skirt, pair of shoes, etc. I'm not taking pics anymore, but I am still doing it. I bought a new cardigan b/c I thought those boyfriend cardigans were really droopy looking, so I put the new cardigan in the rotation and took the old ones out, staying at my same number. It has made getting dressed each day so much easier, so I can focus on more important things!

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