Project 333 Update – The Purge

Now that I selected and have started wearing my 33 items, it is time to purge my closet of everything else. Originally, I thought I’d just leave everything in there and just wear the 33 items. But part of Project 333 is removing the clutter from view, so that you have a more peaceful relationship with your clothes and reduce stress. I knew that if I left everything in my closet, I’d probably think more about the other things I wanted to wear, or I’d just get frustrated with the lack of space, the clutter, etc. So tonight, I emptied everything hanging in my closet except (1) my 33 items, (2) my belt and shoe hangers, and (3) miscellaneous items I’m not purging.

This is my wardrobe until October 1. Minus the 6 pairs of shoes and 5 items that are in the hamper.

The items I am not purging are:

  • a pair of black pants and nice top in case I have a business meeting to attend
  • a little black dress
  • a blue cocktail dress
  • my suit (which I didn’t even know I had)
  • my super heavy long wool coat that I think I might donate
  • various and sundry athletic things like baseball jerseys and hoodies
These items are not part of my 33 and I won’t be wearing them as part of my regular wardrobe, but I need them to be available in a pinch. I shoved them in the right-hand side of my closet:
We are hiding. Pretend we are not here.
Here is the pile of clothes that  I removed from my closet so far:
I will miss you all. Well, maybe not. We’ll see.
On the left-hand side of my closet are the empty hangers plus a few of my extraneous purses and bags.
There are now 72 empty hangers in my closet.
Down on the floor is a hat box full of hats I will never wear and my winter shoe collection. I love those shoes. All of them. They will be on my winter Project 333 if I do it.
See my suede Ann Taylor booties? ❤
Just for grins, I’m going to show you the rest of my closet. 
Clockwise from top left we have:
  • my ancient camera case with camera inside that takes film. Yeah, I need to hold onto that. 
  • hats I don’t wear
  • the gray bag has my sari from my humiliating experience in India
  • orange purse that is damaged and should be chucked
  • green neck pillow
  • hot pink Betsey Johnson shirt that I was wearing when I met my husband ❤
  • plastic box full of stuff
  • sweaters
  • Quench gum (need to keep it away from little fingers)
  • red sweater dress from Ann Taylor that I never wore
  • my awesome colorblock purse that I use all the time
  • pink box full of purses I haven’t used in years
  • pink box full of sheet music I haven’t seen in years
  • flute I haven’t played in years
Looking to the right, clockwise from the top we have:
  • sweaters/sweatshirts
  • cute IKEA boxes full of scarves and swim coverups I don’t wear because they are in thoseboxes
  • shoe boxes of shoes I don’t wear
  • sweaters
Down below we have a shoe rack. Three of those pairs of shoes made the list (black sandals, chambray wedges, and walking shoes). The rest will have to go. (sneakers don’t count)
Here we have two hanging shoe holders with the other four pairs of shoes from Project 333. The rest have to go. Also my belt hanger. I hate belts. I wear them only because I absolutely have to or my pants fall down. Other than that, I hate them. Yet I keep buying cute ones. That I never wear because I hate them.
So now I need to find a place for that giant laundry basket full of evicted clothing, then I’ll get to work removing the sweaters and extra shoes. My closet is going to be so spacious and clean! What else should I put in it???  😉
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One Response to Project 333 Update – The Purge

  1. I donated three or four big bags of clothes when leaving Heidelberg … 😛 Now the clothes I have are mostly things I also wear (I say mostly because I know there are still a few bad guys which I want to sort out soon). We don't have a proper wardrobe yet, so some clothes are still stored in bags, and the rest is worn frequently. Your wardrobe looks very nice, and much more colorful than mine! 🙂

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