Decluttering the Home Office

The first room I decided to really focus on is the home office/guest room. This is the room where we put everything upstairs that doesn’t seem to have a place — empty boxes, full boxes, off-season clothes, and tons and tons of junk. I tried really hard not to let this room become a dumping ground, but it happened anyway. I’ve tried repeatedly (and to no avail) to organize it, but as they say, you can’t organize clutter. 

I was able to spend several hours in there yesterday, and it’s really coming along, but anyone who has gone through a project like this knows that it can look worse before it looks better. Right now there are piles upon piles of things I’m trying to sort out but the good news is there is floor space and I’m beginning to get a vision of how the room can look when it’s all done.

Here are the “before” pics of the office. (FWIW, we are turning clockwise as I take these photos)

My desk. I want to create a minimalist workspace like I have at my office.

To the right of my desk.  Among the goodies here are a beautiful numbered print that I haven’t had framed yet and a bottle warmer (my youngest is almost 3!).

I like my ironing board to be always set up, otherwise I don’t use it. But the other junk has to go.

The guest bed. I’ll be honest and tell you this usually covered in boxes, trash bags, and other junk. I’d already cleared it off when I took this picture. It’s starting to look lovely!

That black furniture is a large filing cabinet. There is no excuse for any piles of paper in this office.

The corner of hell. That box in the lower left has a VCR in it. Yes, a VCR. Also, I have trouble with the built-in shelves because the height is not adjustable and they are not very deep. There are also built-ins behind the bed (seen above).

The bottom shelf is where I keep all my important things like mortgage documents, extra checkbooks, and Bibles.

Suffice it to say that this office needed some major help. As I worked on decluttering my office yesterday, I was struck by the realization that I didn’t really care about all of the things I was throwing out or donating to Goodwill. I’ve never considered myself a particularly sentimental person. Though I do hang onto things because of sentiment, there isn’t a lot of emotion attached to them. Of course, those things represent experiences and memories, and I do struggle with how to recall those experiences and memories once the things are gone. I think one thing I might do is take photos of some of the things I get rid of, then organize those photos into a digital album that I can scroll through from time to time to stroll down memory lane. 

After yesterday, the room is looking so much better. And I discovered some real gems! One of the piles of paper had my marriage certificate in it. I found a card with $100 in it that someone gave my son at his Christening. I found a paper cutter that I’d given up on finding so purchased another, so now I have two. The funny thing is, I’m sure I had looked for that paper cutter exactly where I found it, too. Suspicious.

I’m looking forward to getting back in there soon and finishing up. I’ll post after pics of course!

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One Response to Decluttering the Home Office

  1. Great decluttering job! And I loved to see some pictures of your home! 🙂

    Since Peter and I have moved into the new apartment not too long ago, there's not too much clutter by now. We're both rather minimalist and don't like to accumulate stuff (except things we regularly use, so the kitchen is very well stocked).

    We've recently watched a documentary about chemicals (bisphenol A etc) in food containers, and that caused me to throw out most of my plastic containers (which I use a lot to store foods I prepare in advance) and replace them with glass jars. I've also ordered some new tupperware which is bisphenol A-free since 2010, and I'm looking forward to it to arrive, although I'm currently enjoying the spaciousness of my cupboards. 😛 The kitchen needs a complete makeover soon anyway because the whole kitchen floor needs to be replaced (too many broken tiles), so there I already see the next ducluttring action coming up.

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