Decluttering My Bedroom Shelves

I’m on a minimalism and simplification kick, and I have to tell you I am LOVING IT so far. Last night I took on my bedside table/shelves. My husband and I moved into our house about five years ago. We love it, but there are a few things the previous owners did to the house that I would not have chosen. One example of that is the built-in shelves in the bedroom. As soon as I looked at them five years ago, I said to myself “uh oh, clutter magnet.” And sure enough, those shelves just beg me to put things on them. Constantly.

This is what they looked like last night when I started:


From the top here are the contents of the shelves:

  1. Top shelf I have two photos and an old anniversary card from my husband. 
  2. Next shelf down I have two – not one, but two – heating pads, a battery-operated candle, a years’ worth of both Real Simple and Martha Stewart Living, and a pretty blue vase that I’ve never put a flower in. 
  3. Next shelf down I have a green box filled with jewelry and a half-eaten bag of Skittles, some prescription medicine, some pretty-smelling bottles of spray stuff, another empty vase, and some paperback books.
  4. Below that we have a frame with my dangly earrings (none of which I wear), lip balm, jewelry box, another card, and a jewelry tree.
  5. On the bottom shelf we have a bunch of personal care stuff (most of which I don’t use), my iPhone charging alarm clock, tissues, a phone, and an outlet expander thingy.
  6. On the floor we have a pair of horrendous slippers that also clean the floor (no kidding), a box of junk, a laptop lap pad, and a Mac charger.
These were my favorite discards of last night’s project. First, the magazines. 
I thought this was such a great idea. I’d keep a full year of both Real Simple and Martha Stewart Living, and each month I could read that month’s magazines — who cares that they are from another year?  Great idea, but in practice I never actually looked at them.
Second was these slippers which are supposed to clean the floor as you walk around. Why do I buy this crap?
Post decluttering, here it is:
After – ahhh.
Doesn’t it look beautiful?!?! I could easily minimize this even more. On the second shelf, I don’t need the white container between the photos. The frame earring holder of earrings I don’t wear could go. The pink vase can go. But for now, this is looking so much better, and it feels so peaceful!
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One Response to Decluttering My Bedroom Shelves

  1. Hahaha, I want those slippers!! 😀 😀 😀

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