Project 333 Discovery

As I mentioned before my trip, Project 333 made packing so much easier. I ended up packing:

Old Navy khaki shorts
Old Navy white shorts
Old Navy bootcut jeans
Old Navy red vintage tee
Lands’ End white tee
Old Navy black tee
Ann Taylor gray cardigan
Athleta dress
Lands’ End tan dress
Ann Taylor silver sandals
Two bathing suits*
Athletic shorts*
Flip flops*

The items with an asterisk are not on Project 333, since they are lounging/exercise/house clothes. And that’s what one wears a lot while on vacation in the mountains. 🙂

The funny thing is, the weather was unseasonably cool while we were there, so I actually wore my jeans quite a bit. In the past, I would have brought at least two pairs of jeans, but to tell the truth, the one pair was just fine. If anything, having only the one pair encouraged me to wear my cuter clothes when the sun came out. I didn’t take any outfit pics while I was on vacation because it would have been quite repetitive!!!

It’s been fun getting back into the swing of things this week, though, with my 33 items back at the ready. I know it’s only been two days, but I am sharing my outfits because I’ve made some interesting (to me) discoveries about my clothing choices.

Starting with yesterday’s outfit:

Black tee, pink Old Navy boyfriend cardigan, The Gap crops, Target black flats

 I just didn’t feel good in this outfit. I felt sort of dumpy. See how wrinkled the cardi is at the bottom? That’s from sitting at my desk. Ew! And it reminded me of how I felt wearing this a couple of weeks ago:

Doesn’t the look on my face just scream “yeah I look like a tool, I know”?

And I think I’ve decided the problem is the crops. I just don’t think they look good on me. I have skinny legs and very bony ankles, and crops just seem to draw attention to that. I actually do like to wear crops that fit very snug, but these sort of belled ones just aren’t cutting it for me. So I am considering cycling the crops out of my rotation and replacing them with chinos for something that’s more flattering.

Contrast with today’s outfit and you can see what I mean. A flowy top with tight bermudas and wedges just feels so much better. My skinny ankles aren’t so glaring (I hope?!).

So I think I’m going to ditch the crops in favor of chinos, but for now I’m going to keep the boyfriend cardis in hopes that I feel better in them when paired with more flattering pants. We’ll see…

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3 Responses to Project 333 Discovery

  1. I think you have beautiful legs!!! 🙂 But I can see what you mean regarding the crops. I have favorite lengths for trousers as well, I like when they cover my knees and end in the mid of my lower leg. I also like the top you wear in the last picture, it flows nicely from the shoulders and I like the airiness around the waist and hips. 🙂

  2. Missy says:

    I am having to do a total re-vamp of my dress/clothing closet and you are inspiring me so much!
    I think you look great in the first outfit UNTIL I heard how you felt about it and I agree. They look fine BUT ain't nobody got time to just look fine right?

    *runs to give away all of the “fine” things in closet
    **harder than it sounds.

  3. Yeah I think it's the long cardigan and the short pants, just kind of compresses everything and makes it really weird looking. Or like you said “just fine”. I'm starting to realize that I have certain types of clothes that I feel really good in, and I feel much better if I just stick to those. I love dresses but rarely wear them. Now that I have four dresses in my rotation of 27 items of clothes (minus shoes), I wear them a lot and feel so great!

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