Everything is muddled. One minute I feel like I have it all together, but the next I realize my orchid is dying because I forgot to water it, and suddenly everything is a mess, and in reality it was all along. I don’t have it all together. Does anyone? I’m sure somewhere, somebody does, but when I talk to my friends, it seems we are all in the same boat. Too many commitments, jobs, kids, husbands, houses, cooking, cleaning, laundry, homework, soccer practice, baseball games, ballet recitals, and on and on. I don’t mean to complain, mostly because that wouldn’t do any good, but seriously, something has to give. Doesn’t it?

This post is a reminder of how we need to slow down and focus on one thing at a time. The habit of multitasking and distraction can literally be deadly.

I’ve been exploring the concept of minimalism since this summer, and have taken some steps to try to minimize my belongings. But I think if I were keeping track, I might find that I haven’t really reduced much, because I  keep bringing more things into my home. Case in point: I have a sewing machine I bought a few months ago that is sitting on the dining room floor, unopened in its box. But the feeling of decluttering is really great, and I really want to keep it up.

Anyway, I’ve been reading a lot of minimalist blogs and getting inspiration. We have The Minimalists, Joshua Becker, and Leo Babauta, for instance. And of course, Miss Minimalist‘s site is full of wonderful guidance, though she has stopped blogging. I’ve read their books as well, and have even put some thoughts into action.

My plan right now is to make sure I keep simplicity and minimalism front of mind, and slowly build habits that will make me more focused, more relaxed, and more successful in life. I’m going to have a bit of fun and spend the next 21 days going through The Minimalists’ 21 days to minimalism. I’m also going to go through Miss Minimalist’s plan step by step. I will never be as minimalist as they are, but hopefully I can get myself closer to my own personal happy place, where the sewing machine is either on a table in regular use or is at Goodwill waiting for a new owner.

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