Living Room Decluttering

Following my must list, I decided to tackle my living room following some of the guidance of Miss Minimalist. I didn’t completely tear it apart because I share my home with my husband and children so am not really free to discard a bunch of things without their approval. But I got rid of one useless candle/rock dish. It doesn’t make my room any more beautiful, nor do I use it, so it had to go. I also moved a bunch of things to their proper places and cleared out a box of junk.

The room is not perfect. I still have a secretary that takes up space and serves no purpose. I still have a bookcase full of books we never look at. But it’s better and I can still improve on it moving forward.

Living Room Before:


My boys always kick this cinnamon-filled vase so I moved it from that location to the cube shelf top. It is also not amazing looking so I may end up chucking it.

This guy has been kicking around my house(s) since I was 20. It was one of my first “crafty” pieces that made me feel like I lived in a Pottery Barn catalog (Pier 1, actually), and I felt very mature when I bought it. But I don’t light the candle (no candles for me because I forget to blow them out) and it’s not even that nice looking, plus it takes up a lot of space.


So after more than a decade, I’m finally getting rid of it. I replaced it with the sparkly gold thingy that really does make me happy and deserves to be front and center.


Now, we bought these cube shelves to keep the kids’ toys, and they serve their purpose well. I have trouble figuring out what to do with puzzles, though. The kids do their puzzles in this room, so I want them in here, but I don’t have a great place for them. I decided to put their boxes of puzzles on the cube shelves, and the puzzle rack and extra large puzzle will just have to stay out on the floor (yuk).



After (with relocated cinnamon vase):


All said and done, here is my living room now:


I do think it looks a lot better, but there is still so much I can do. I don’t need that secretary in the corner. It serves no purpose whatsoever, but my parents gave it to me which was very thoughtful of them. I can also get rid or at least declutter the extra bookcase:


and the CD shelves:


because they take up wall space and don’t serve much of a purpose. I’ve already cleared my CDs from the CD shelf but need to get my husband to buy into boxing his up as well. When the CD shelf is moved, we’ll be able to see the pretty staircase better.

But for now, I’m very happy with the progress. It just makes me want to do more!

Next up, The Minimalists Day 2.

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