Gluten Free Eating

The elimination diet, such as it is, has been going pretty well. I haven’t given up anything but gluten at this point, and I just feel like this is an awful time to try it, with Thanksgiving being next week. My mother in law cooks our Thanksgiving feast, and I don’t want to show up at her house refusing to eat everything. Maybe I’ll do the elimination between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I get sick around Christmas every year, so I really don’t want to push it out until after Christmas.

On Monday morning, I had Udi’s gluten free bread with almond butter. It was a great breakfast that filled me up for hours. Later that day I stumbled upon the  Paleo bread recipe from Elena’s Pantry and made that. Now I’m completely obsessed. It’s so nutty and delicious.

IMG_1016I’ve eaten it with almond butter, jam, and avocado, and it’s good any way you slice it. (yes, I just said that.)

This morning, I made a smoothie that rocked my world. It was a mishmash of things that miraculously didn’t come out tasting like poop (or even looking like it). In the mix was almond milk, frozen blueberries, a banana, half an avocado, a scoop of Amazing Grass, and two scoops of Arbonne chocolate protein powder. The smoothie was so thick, I ate it from a bowl.


My smoothie looks better next to my preschooler’s cute little arms.

My son was jealous of me taking pictures of my smoothie, so he asked to take one. He kept telling me to smile bigger as he took this picture.


In other news, eating on an elimination diet requires some planning. Last night, I forgot to think ahead about dinner, so while my kids ate delicious leftovers that I couldn’t have, I nibbled on Paleo bread and avocado. I need to plan some dinners so that I’m eating more well-balanced meals.

Also, it’s hard to stay GF/Paleo when eating out. I went out for Vietnamese pho yesterday, which I thought seemed pretty safe, but it turns out that peanut sauce is made with soy sauce. Gluten lurks everywhere.

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One Response to Gluten Free Eating

  1. Kath says:

    I like that you are starting this right now and don’t wait until Thanksgiving! You can still make an exception with Thanksgiving dinner, but probably it will be possible to stick to Turkey, veggies, and sweet potatoes (as we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Germany, this it what I’ve come to assume Americans usually eat for Thanksgiving from looking at US blogs)?

    Anyway, giving up gluten was really hard for me, and I still have times when I just wish I could eat it again! I haven’t been sensitive to gluten for all my life, I think it turned up after I had a major throat surgery in my early 20s. Afterwards I started to get problems with facial and throat swellings which I at first attributed solely to the cutting of my lymphyticals. In my mid 20s, my health problems had become really bad, and so I decided to try a Paleo diet (no dairy – which I was consuming again then although I’d known for years it’s not good for me – and gluten) which helped a lot.

    I used to love bread rolls and noodles (not Italian pasta but these Asian style long noodles you can buy as instant noodles), and semolina pudding and pie. Pfffffffffff. Gluten-free bread rolls over here aren’t nice, stuffed with thousands of creepy ingredients and usually white-flour or with soy protein (not my friend either, as you know). By now I’ve become so sensitive that I get reactions also from regular soy sauce and regular oats – 1 1/2 half hours later I look like 7 months pregnant. 😦

    I cook things in advance a lot – legumes, brown rice, and potatoes – and also freeze stuff so I can easily throw a meal together.

    Hope you’ll keep it up and that it will give you some relief from symptoms! 🙂

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