staycation, all i ever needed

Hey there, whatcha doing? Sounds fun! Me? I just finished doing stress-relief yoga and now am sitting in my living room, in front of my beautiful Christmas tree, blogging on my new MacBook Air (thanks Husband!), and drinking a green smoothie. I took the day off to spend some alone time with my husband. (singing: Staycation, all I ever seeded, staycation, time to (not) get away!) We went to the early matinee of American Hustle ($6 a ticket!), puttered around Target, grabbed some lunch, then went produce shopping at the H-Mart before heading home. In addition to the MacBook Air (which I desperately needed as my MacBook Pro from 2006 was dying and I am responsible for managing the digital history of my family) my husband got me a Ninja Master Prep for Christmas. Yep, this bad boy now resides in my kitchen:



I have rekindled my love affair with green smoothies after trying Laura’s green smoothie for beginners. This smoothie is so delicious, I literally skip down the stairs in the morning because I’m so excited to get into the kitchen and kick-start my day with one. My 7-year old son loves them and drinks about 8 oz along with whatever he’s having for breakfast, and I’m so happy to send him to school with extra protein and vitamins in his body. My 3-year old son declares they are gross and he won’t touch them. We’re still working on him.

Anyway, my husband heard me bickering with the Osterizer about why couldn’t it just crush all the ice, and how hard is it really to blend a frozen banana, and lo the Ninja showed up on Christmas morning. I love it love it love it love it love it.


watercress, pineapple, lime, water


He also got me two smoothie books which I have been devouring. I immediately ran out and bought ingredients for a smoothie from one of the books that called for aloe juice, celery, apples, and blueberries (and greens of course!) and made it, and my kid and brother-in-law really liked it. Husband said it was “okay” (am working on him too). So anyway, today’s trip to the H-Mart was for more produce to try some new recipes. Tonight’s concoction is made of pineapple, lime, and watercress, and it’s just delicious!


My two kitchen loves, Ninja and Keurig

It’s not as desserty creamy as Laura’s smoothie, but more tangy and lighter. I also got ingredients for a strawberry kiwi bok choi smoothie (trying to win over the husband) and orange banana bok choi for the boys.Β 

I usually make my green smoothies with spinach or romaine, but both books I got talk about the necessity to rotate greens. Who knew? (you, probably) So I got bok choi and watercress this time around. No negative chelation here!


I drink my green smoothies at night, cause I can, cause I can.

My day of staycation is winding down. I’m finishing up my green smoothie and heading out to pick up the boys. Have a good one!

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3 Responses to staycation, all i ever needed

  1. Kath says:

    A good blender makes such a big difference! I was surprised that since I have a Vitamix, I only need half of the amount of almonds I used before to make almond milk of the same consistency. And also greens blend so much better! πŸ˜€

    • I didn’t know you got a Vitamix, you fancy lady!!! Gonna have to prowl your blog for some good blendy recipes.

      • Kath says:

        Yes, my parents gave it to me a couple of months ago. Therefore no birthday presents this November. πŸ˜‰ I’m currentely not drinking smoothies because I’ve figured out I also have fructose intolerance (yay πŸ˜› ), so no fruit for me anymore. 😦 I make my breakfast porridge with blended spinach though. And the hubby likes smoothies! There are still some old smoothie recipes on my blog which I liked and should get much better with a good blender!

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