My Little Secret

I have a secret. (not for long)

On Friday I will be 39. And that means I’ll be in my 40th year of life. I feel like this is kind of a big deal, and I want it to be a really spectacular year. On my 40th birthday, I want to be able to say I am the best version of me that I have ever been. Is that cheesy? I’m okay with that.  Do I dread turning 40? Hell no. It’s going to be awesome. 

So for the next year, my blog will focus on the big 4-0 and what I want to do before that epic day arrives. I’m not talking about any sort of elaborate bucket list, nope. Just things like eating well, exercising more often, reading more… you know, basic health and happiness type things. 

I’m going to start right now by going to bed. I need more consistent sleep so I have a chance of getting up in the morning and knocking out day 13 of the 30-day AB Challenge!

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One Response to My Little Secret

  1. Laura says:

    Yeah! Hooray for living life to it’s fullest! Tell me how I can help… Or can I?

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