Decluttering Family Room Shelves

These are my family room shelves. Cluttered with a hodgepodge of books, toys, games, and various and sundry knickknacks.

Up top we have an old champagne bottle. Relatives bought us that champagne when we had our first baby – Dom Perignon. We loved it. We have pictures. Not sure why we feel the need to keep the bottle high on a shelf where we can’t even see it. We also have a track trophy from when my husband was in high school, and a broken-apart boy plane that my kids love.


On the next shelf we have a flamenco dancer doll that my dad bought me when I was a little girl, a framed photo from my son’s little league team, two little league trophys, two game balls, and three trophys that my husband and I won on a cruise.


Down a shelf we have two vases, a basket of electrical doo dads, and a jade cat that I bought in china. It has a broken ear. Poor kitty.


Next shelf down we have six more vases, a glass pitcher, six packs of cards, a yellow heart clip one of my kids made in daycare, and two candle bases (note: I don’t burn candles because I forget to blow them out.)


Next shelf is books, mostly my husbands, a few of mine. Also a beer tasting kit I bought for my husband and a few community directories.


Next shelf is coupon books and cookbooks. Note: my shelves are cluttered but mostly organized.


And on the bottom shelf, we have toys. And two foam fingers. Go Nats! 🙂


Next to the shelves, because they don’t fit anywhere, is a stack of puzzles.



Above that stack of puzzles hangs a bag of play tools.


On the right hand side, up top we have the blu-ray Star Wars DVDs. We were keeping them up here so our son wouldn’t know we had them all, because we didn’t want him thinking he could watch all six at once. He’s now seen the first 5 and knows he can’t see the 6th yet since it’s PG-13. We don’t need to hide them anymore. Also on that shelf is a silver tray my mom bought us. It’s really pretty but I’ve never been able to figure out what to do with it.


Below that is three boxes of Bob books, a silly wall hanging, and a game.


Next shelf is toys, doo dads, and a framed wall hanging.


Below that is games.


Below that is more games and toys.


And on the bottom is trucks and a box of toys.


We also have a keyboard that doesn’t fit so lives on the floor.


Here’s the after photo. I donated some items to charity, moved some upstairs to bedrooms and the playroom, so it’s much more open now. The right-hand side has fewer toys and games, and everything fits. More importantly, the things that I love stand out more so I can appreciate them.

after after2

So now I need to (a) keep decluttering other parts of the house and (b) make sure I keep it decluttered!!!



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