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Simplified Wardrobe for Spring

Have you ever heard of Project 333? Courtney Carver started it, to see if she could limit her wardrobe to 33 items for 3 months, hence the 333. She started it a few years ago and seemingly still does it … Continue reading

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Decluttering Family Room Shelves

These are my family room shelves. Cluttered with a hodgepodge of books, toys, games, and various and sundry knickknacks. Up top we have an old champagne bottle. Relatives bought us that champagne when we had our first baby – Dom … Continue reading

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Heart Quirks and Polar Devices

I had a great 39th birthday. Last night, my girlfriends took me out for a night of karaoke in a Korean karaoke bar.¬†We had a private room for the six of us and just sang our faces off for over … Continue reading

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My Little Secret

I have a secret. (not for long) On Friday I will be 39. And that means I’ll be in my 40th year of life. I feel like this is kind of a big deal, and I want it to be … Continue reading

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Goal 3: Excel at Work

As I’ve said, I am a firm believer in New Year’s resolutions. Just as I set annual goals at work, I set annual goals for my life. Do they change? Yes. Am I flexible? Yes. Do I think they are … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions 2014

I see so many bloggers write about how they don’t believe in resolutions, but when it all comes down to it, I think we’re talking about the same thing. Whether you call it goals, resolutions, plans or ideas… whether you … Continue reading

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2013 Year in Review

In case you haven’t noticed, 2013 is ending. Today. As I went through my Digg Reader today (which I haven’t done in over a month I think), I saw a lot of bloggers evaluating how they did on their new … Continue reading

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