New Year’s Resolutions 2014

I see so many bloggers write about how they don’t believe in resolutions, but when it all comes down to it, I think we’re talking about the same thing. Whether you call it goals, resolutions, plans or ideas… whether you set them once a year, quarterly, or every morning… we all need a reminder, however often, to make sure you’re living the life you want to live.

My overall resolutions don’t really change year to year:

  • Be An Excellent Mother
  • Nurture My Relationships
  • Excel at Work
  • Be Smart With Money
  • Focus on Wellness
  • Organize and Simplify

But the specifics of how I plan to address each are more fluid. Last year, I remember feeling like my relationship with my children was strained because I lost my temper when they were disobedient/annoying/frustrating/etc., so I made a resolution to yell less. That’s not really an issue with us right now, so how I will go about being an excellent mother has changed. So breaking it down, here are some ideas on how I can continue to focus on my values this year.

Be An Excellent Mother

  • Teach my children compassion
  • Play with my children more
  • Set up token economy with Tiger

Nurture My Relationships

  • Remember birthdays and other holidays
  • Buy thoughtful presents
  • Be an excellent wife
  • Connect with friends on a deeper level

Excel at Work

  • Measure performance and hold people accountable
  • Read two management books
  • Adhere to personal operating system
  • Create and follow through on my personal development plan

Be Smart With Money

  • Control impulse purchases
  • Move old 401k to new plan
  • Don’t waste food

Focus on Health and Happiness

  • Practice yoga regularly
  • Go to gym weekly
  • Eat real food, not too much, mostly plants
  • Learn to meditate

Organize and Simplify

  • Organize the office
  • Continue with Project 333
  • Practice minimalism
  • Create and stick to routines

That’s my list! I need to remember to check this monthly or quarterly, not ignore it until this day next year. 😉

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2 Responses to New Year’s Resolutions 2014

  1. Kath says:

    Sounds good! And I believe it’s good to write these things down so you can check back. What I particularly like is that you wrote down some concrete steps how to implement your overall goals. That’s very important! Many people just formulate abstract goals (“be a good mother”, “eat better”, etc) but not what to do to get there, and that makes it more likely to fail.

    Happy 2014 to you and your family! 🙂

  2. Laura says:

    Great list – I love them. Specific steps are so important – as is blogging about them to keep us accountable! 🙂

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