Resolution Time

Happy new year, y’all!!! Are you a resolution setter? I totally am. I love nothing more than to reflect on my life and think about where I should be spending my time, if there’s something I want to accomplish that maybe I’ve been putting off. A new year is a time for starting over, refreshing, and revitalizing. I am miserable with a cold, but ain’t no cold gonna keep me from this day which is the hallmark of the self-improvement that I hold so dear. 
I have about a thousand resolutions, but they generally fall into certain groups, in no particular order:
  • Be an excellent mother.
  • Nurture my relationships.
  • Excel at work.
  • Be smart with money.
  • Focus on health and happiness.
  • Organize and simplify.
Broken down a bit it looks something like this:

Be An Excellent Mother

  • Tell my children I love them.
  • Discipline with love and firmness.
  • No screaming or mean words.

Nurture My Relationships

  • Remember birthdays and other holidays
  • Buy thoughtful presents
  • Be an excellent wife

Excel at Work

  • Create team development plans
  • Read management books
  • Meet deadlines and be dependable
  • Adhere to personal operating system
  • Be more strategic and less operational

Be Smart With Money

  • Be more frugal
  • Set up 529 plans for kids
  • Pay bills on time

Focus on Health and Happiness

  • Find a way to exercise regularly
  • Nutrition!
  • Get back to weekly meal plans
  • Less TV, more hobbies and books

Organize and Simplify

  • Get rid of hot spots
  • Do FlyLady for at least a month
  • Organize office
  • Declutter
I think know 2013 is going to be a banner year!

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4 Responses to Resolution Time

  1. Your resolutions are perfect! Most of them are probably something you are already doing so you just have to direct a little more focus on them.

    On another note… It seems like everyone is sick right now! My kids were just at the doctor both with ear infections. Hope you feel better!

  2. I didn't really make any resolutions–I have no dedication-attention-span for things beyond a week. Maybe a month, if it's really important. But I do plan on doing some of that frugality/money-smartness over the course of the year. Hope the cold & crud clears up soon!

  3. You've got great resolutions!!! I'm sure you'll be able to do it 🙂

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